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         I don't like clowns. Clowns are scary. Especially clowns with poodles coming out of their stomachs. Or clowns with guns. There's a     Richmond- base band called Redline, with a snappy logo and slick clothes... who cover their CDs with pictures of clowns with guns and     poodles coming out of their stomachs.
          Don't see a Redline show if you're one of those music fans who are upset about the way MTV ignores Huey Lewis and the News. This one     is dramatic, powerful, together band ( Redline, not Huey Lewis ). The music on their indie CD " My disease" is dramatic near - Goth, delivered     seemingly by a band holding an ice cream cone in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other.
          Redline avoids many traps that make a band an easy target for criticism - being repetitive, uninspired, trendy or boring.. My first thought in      listening was how great it would be scaring trick-or-treaters from my porch with this. Then I started really listening.
          The riffs are weighly and tight - heavy, fresh, alternative in their real form - as an alternative to most of what is out there in clubs and on the      radio.Their press kit calls them "straight - ahead rockers" This isn't straight, thanks to singer Karl Anderson, who can sound as scary as the      clown on  his CD cover looks, or as attention
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