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The band's first album, produced by Motown veteran Billy Peaches, yielded several songs that have received extensive airplay, including
    "One Spirit," "I Can't Take It" and "My Disease." One cut, "Free me," featuring saxophonist Vince Lars and Keyboardist Eric Daniels, has even
   been played on jazz station. The final song on the CD, "Shining On," a Grand Funk Railroad tune, was selected for inclusion on an upcoming
   tribute album to that 1970s power-rock band.
        Redline has recorded about half of the songs for its next CD, "Big Machine," which Anderson says will have a "more straight-forward    approach. We want to capture the energy of playing live," he said.
         Anderson , who has produced albums for other musicians, is talking a more active role in the production of Redline's new CD. "The new    album will have just the three of us. We're recording all of the songs in a continuous take to get a more a natural flow," he said.
        Like the first CD, the new album is being recording at Anderson's Global Recording Studio in San Rafael. The hands-on approach gives the    band complete control of its music.Beside writing and playing the music, the band handles its own business affairs.
        Redline recently signed a national distribution deal for its GRA label that will get its CDs to a wider audience. "We had some small record
   labels interested in picking us up, but we didn't want to sign everything away," Anderson said.
       The band doesn't have any live dates scheduled in the near future, but will probably do some promotion appearances when the new CD is    released. < Previous Page >

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