Welcome to the cyberspace home of Redline. The are lot of things going on in the world of Redline. We have finally finished the long awaited new Album Big Machine. I feel it is our most cohesive effort to date.
    On the new album I really wanted to try and capture the feel and warmth of a Zeppelin or early Sabbath album. There was just a groove and a feel to those albums that you do not hear any more. So we really took a long hard look at what gave those albums the unique feel. Looking deep into this it became apparent that what separates those albums from newer albums was the way the album was recorded. (Obviously great material helps too!) The older records were all recorded in a continuous take, which gives the music a fluid feeling. Modern technology makes it possible to work on songs punching in and out little pieces until you get a perfect take. Doing it in this way gives the recording a cold stiff feeling.
    I knew this album had to capture the true Redline sound. I really wanted only us three on the album and really felt the need to oversee this process closely. I really felt a need to get to the soul of Redline and decided not have any outside input and produce this album myself. That way it would be only us kicking around Ideas and coming up with the sound we wanted. It took us took two years and hundreds of hours to achieve the product we wanted. It is now time for you the fans to listen let us know what you think about it.
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