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         The Redline band is generating a whole lot of excitement around the San Francisco Bay Area. They have a new formula that is creating
     and pioneering a new musical revolution in Northern Califronia.
         Redline, has joined creative forces with former Motown producer, W. Billy Peaches. Peaches, a staff writer/producer with Motown for a      number of years, created the most talked about music locally in the industry.
        Upon hearing some of the finished tracks, it is rather obvious that Redline's is a superior mix of jazz, Motown R&B and heavy alternative     music. One fine example is the highly creative piece, "Free Me." The signature marks of janet Jackson's Keyboard player, Eric Daniels and     
    sax player Vince Lars, who has played with Tony! Toni!, Tone!, interact with Redline's highly evolved alternative music.
        Besides Anderson, the core members are Steve Giordino - drums and J. C. Prince - guitar.
 Peachers says, "This LP is about the freedom     of music, it is much freer than R & B."
        Anderson notes, "On this product, we are following and branching out in our own direction. Our trademark is the beat and key changes. It     gives moody ups and downs, highs and lows in it's musical content." He further expands, "This project has exactly 11 tunes. As an example, '     One Spirit' is a slow moody piece with a postive vibe. We are an inward expression. What flows from our band is from the subconscious. We     don't utilize structure or concept for lyrics. We start playing and the vocal lines just appear. They are a stream of subconscious reality that  gives     Redline the power we possess."
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