I will be the first to admit that "REDLINE" will be far different from any major recording artist you have seen or heard in today's
   market place. That's the way that its planned it to be.
   My story begins in 1999 in Northern California. I had heard rumors about a local band from Sonoma county called REDLINE. A
   friend gaveme their new CD "My Disease". I listen to the single "One Spirit" on my drive deep into the Redwood country, where the band
   would be performing that night.
          When I walked into the club, there was a mob of people swarming around the stage. The sexual energy was intense and people
   were in awe of the sheer raw power the band was generating. I knew this band would be the wave of the future.
         The core of REDLINE is Karl Anderson and J.C. Prince. These two first formed the band in 1998. Anderson is the vocalist / bass
   player and J.C. is the lead guitarist. These two have forged a musical union, that sometimes transcends a metaphysical realm, These
   powerful and talented individuals are truely masters of their own musical destiny. They isolate themselves from the world creating and
   shaping their brand of music. Their musical elements bring fusion to Goth, metal and rock. These new definitions soar to the next level,
   then without notice it crashes and hit rock bottom, exploring the dark underworld that lies below the surface tension of the music. There
   is rage anger and hell to be paid when all of these musical elements collide.

          I now encourage you to listen to some of REDLINE's new singles while you are at the website. Thank so much for being part of us.
         ( Michael Ali, Publicist, San Francisco Post )

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