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        Giordino adds, " It's bridging the gap between mainstream and alternative music formats. We have given the public the opportunity to     experience a new concept in today's marketplace."
        "It's sheer raw power in a music form. No one has the music goods the way Redline does. we have a great concept in a musical form that     will amaze our listening fans," relates Prince. "We are treading ground that has never been treaded before. We will see if people grasp
    our concept and vision. Basically, our concept is pretty much that the public will accept this project or they won't If you don't break new ground,     there will never be any creative changes in the music industry."
       The current Redline product is entitled " My Disease." Many Bay Area music inductry observers feel that the new release will alter the more     traditional mordern rock format, that the Bay Area is known for. According to Anderson, " The time to embrace change in music is here. And I feel     our new ablum will lead the way in making good change."
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