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John York


John York Fanfare For 2

John York from the Byrds returns with the most powerful album of his career. Fanfare for 2 takes you back to sound of Ballad of Easy and brings you forward to the 21st century. Johns Lush Harmonies and and haunting 12 string guitar playing are the highlight of this modern acoustic masterpiece.

1 Half Moon Bay
2 Lone Wolf, No Club
3 Red, White & Blue
4 Coyote
5 I Feel It Now
6 Sea Of Wine
7 Wasn't That You
8 You Just Love Cocaine
9 Power Of Now
10 Reach Out (I'll Be There)
11 Behind The Scenes
12 Lucky & The Trash Angel
13 Setup for Heartbreak

CD $9.99

John York and Kim Fowley
West Coast Revelation

John York was in the Byrds from 1968-1970 through the Ballad of Easy Rider period. Kim Fowley legendary producer songwriter. Kim wrote songs for the Byrds with Skip Battin after John left the band. It is only natural that two would collaborate on this new cd West Coast Revelation. West Coast Revelation is a very special album, in that is tells the story of the 60s through songs and words.

John York and Kim Fowley flowed with this revelation as it ran through the streets of L.A. in the mid-sixties; a time of creativity that remains unparalleled. Kim, the wild-eyed prophet, gave momentum to the revelation while John York became its gentle musical craftsman; a skilled artisan. From Alley-Oop to The Byrds, they helped shape and form the times, unseen, sometimes unwashed and unnoticed, they both were there riding its rapids. Because they were there, we can now hear the stories and re-experience the passion of it because, like Kim says on the opening track, "Angels and Trucks,"angels never die."

West Coast Revelation is an opportunity to sit in on a rare front-porch session of songs and storytelling. The songs herein are new, unique and original musings of the times; then and now. They steer us through the stories of their times with words from Kim and music from John. This album captures the essence those 'silver sixties,' but the songs refuse to be bound by time. Songs like "Psychedelic," "Rock and Roll Is Another Name For Freedom," drive us closer to the eye of the diamond of the West Coast Revelation and the wild, cosmic spirit of those times; It's a revelation which can never be captured, but can experienced through prophets and artisans like Kim Fowley and John York.

West Coast Revelation

1 Angels and Trucks
2 The Earth is Getting Warmer
3 East Coast Confidential
4 Flower Girls
5 West Coast Revelation #1
6 Psychedelic
7 West Coast Revelation #2
8 Movin’ Out For Years
9 West Coast Revelation #3
10 Picnic In Eternity
11 Silver 60’s #1
12 Halfway House
13 Silver 60’s #2
14 Laurel Canyon and Topanga
15 Silver 60’s #3
16 Rock n Roll Is Another Name For Freedom
17 Hangin’ Out
18 Queen Of The Blues
19 21st Century
20 Memories Of Days Gone By
21 Japan And Europe
22 Sayonara

CD $9.99

MP3 $9.99

Arigatou Baby

"With Arigatou Baby John York emerges from the shadow of his Byrds past to confirm his status as a fine solo American singer-songwriter begun on his fine debut, Claremont Dragon. Each song brings the listener in and invites them to share in the universality of the the joys, sorrows and ultimate triumphs of life. While this collection of songs reflects his Byrds influence and his years with Gene Clark, Arigato, Baby, at once becomes a poetic vision of Americana and a sound rooted in the finest traditions of folk and rock." Stand-out tracks include Jealous Gun, Roadside Cross, I Can't Find The Moon and Tuesday's Train.

I'm afraid my ancient brain causes me not to see the trees for the sure to notice what I didn't...No comma.....Arigatou Baby.     —Terry Roland


1. Jealous Gun
2. Roadside Cross
3. I Can't Find The Moon
4. She Likes To Shine My Shoes
5. One Step From Homeless
6. Angel Dance
7. Tuesday's Train
8. We Came For Love
9. I Know I Will See You
10. Lady On The Highway
11. I Want To Go Now
12. Never Doubt My Love
13. Down In That Hole
14. Dandelion
15. Gypsy Life

CD $9.99

CD Signed by John

MP3 $9.99


Ex-Byrd member John York has teamed up with koto princess, Yukiko Matsuyama, in a striking and haunting album of compositions for gu zheng (Chinese zither) 12 string, vocals and instrumentals in this modern approach to cross-cultural acoustic music. With minimalistic, cyclic patterns, these pieces cast a ghostly spell over the over-stimulated mind. It may be obscure and it may be in a rare, isolated corner of its own but there's something inquisitive, uninhibited and curious about these songs that tug at the mind like a 2 year old on your trousers.   —Tamara Turner


1. Furusato
2. Tengu
3. Koto
4. Murasaki
5. Tomorrow Never Knows
6. Yoake
7. This Is The Day
8. Katen no Odori
9. Amanogawa

CD $9.99

Signed by John

MP3 $8.91

Claremont Dragon

It's not easy being a former Byrd. Just the name, for rock fans and historians, conjures the finest harmonies, 12-string electric Rickenbacker jingle/jangle and the songs of Gene Clark and Bob Dylan. With John York's debut solo CD, Claremont Dragon, the former Byrd, in many ways, soars above the latter day Byrds solo efforts. If you can imagine, had The Byrds progressed further on as a band gathering exotic instruments, writing songs of compassion and pathos while retaining the distint sound and strengths from their past; you then have Claremont Dragon, a collection of strong songs produced with just the right touch. Every Byrds fan and anyone who loves unique original harmonic music will be enriched by Claremont Dragon. Stand Out Tracks Include: On Whose Door Does the Moonlight Not Shine, Jennifer Tsai, and No More War.
Related Artists: Roger McGuinn, Barry McGuire, Chris Darrow, Dylan, and The Band.     —Terry Roland

Out of Print. We have less than 25 copies left—all signed.


1. On Whose Door
2. Rubiah
3. Another Life
4. No More War
5. Heartache Suzanne
6. Jennifer Tsai
7. Target Of A Thousand Arrows
8. Money Like Rain
9. Daddy's Gonna Pick Her Man
10. Oh My Children
11.Half-Breeds Are The Hope Of The World
12. My Lai
13. Spirit Is Stronger Than Anything

CD Signed by John

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