GRA Studios is a 24 track digital production facility located in San Rafael CA. Our goal is to supply an atmosphere where the The artist can relax and feel comfortable to express their true Sound. We try to achieve a deep understanding of your music And strive to help you attain your peak state and capture that on tape. We are aware that it is extremely important for the artist to have a close bond with the producer or engineer on your project and we always strive to achieve that personal connection.
          In our studio you will find an AMR production series 1600 Mixer. It is a 32 channel x 16 bus mixer. Each channel has a four band parametric EQ. We have a vast assortment of microphones, effects and A EMT plate reverb. (Neuman, AKG, Groove tube, Studer, Behringer etc.) Our studio is completely wired with Monster Cable to ensure a clear full sound. Our live room has a warm ambient sound.
          If you are looking for a studio that really cares about you and your product GRA is the home for you.

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