List of equipment.


AMR Production Series 1600, 32 channel by 16 bus mixer.
EMT Plate Reverb
Neumann U-87
2 AKG 414's with C12 capsule
2 AKG D112's
Fostex M55RP Bass ribbon Microphone
Sony C37 vintage mic
6 Shure SM57's
Audio Technica ATM48
Crown Sassp Stereo ambient Sound Microphone
Groove Tube Microphone Pre Amp
Behringer Stereo Microphone Pre Amp
Studer B67
3 Alesis ADAT XT's
10 channels of Behringer Compression
8 channels of Behringer noise gates
Zoom 9120 effects unit
Zoom 9010 effects unit
Alesis Quadraverb
Behringer Edison Stereo Expander
8 Channels Behringer noise reduction
EMU Proteus
Roland U220
Roland S-50 sampler
Yamaha DX7
Prophet 5 analog synth
Korg Analog Synth
Ampeg SVT w/ SVT cabinet
Mesa Boogie triaxis w 4 12 cabinet
Rickenbacker 4001
Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone acoustic
Guild acoustic bass
Kay Upright Bass
Kramer Fretless Bass
Kramer 8 string Bass

Studio rate $25hr w/ engineer.
Block rates available.
For further information contact: Karl Anderson (415)-804-1081

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