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Dick Le Mair


Dick Le Mair
Impressions of a Pilgrimage

Impressions of pilgrimage is the musical journey of one man's quest to find the meaning of life again. Dick Le Mair found the inspiration for this piece on his pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago De Compestela in Spain


Track List:
1 Santiago de Compostela (part 1)
2 Sanctus
3 Veni Creator
4 The Road is Long and Lonely
5 Adoro Te
6 Christus Vincit
7 The Monastery
8 Tantrum Ergo
9 Cruz De Hierro
10 No Greater Love Than This
11 The Big City
12 Transeamus
13 Credo
14 Ad Sepulcrum
15 SantiagoDe Compostela (part 2)


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