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The Standells


The Standells Bump

Bump, The Standells return with their first album of all new material in over 45 years! They are back with attitude and better than ever. Including the hit tracks 7&7 Is and It's all about the money! This is album is pure Garage Rock bliss from beginning to end! This is what Larry Tamblyn has to say about it.
"In recent years, the Standells had been doing numerous concerts throughout the world. But for us, it just didn't seem to be enough. We had a choice; we could continue working in safe familiar territory, or move forward. We were literally at a 'bump' in the road. If we crossed over it, we would be rolling the dice and entering into the unknown. I knew that the only way we could move forward would be to take a giant leap over that 'bump' and record a new album. It had been over 45 years since the Standells had been in a recording studio. It would be a risky time-consuming proposition, but it was something we had to do!

First, we had to have original songs, but we knew that they must be recognizable as having that Standells sound. We all immediately began to write new material, keeping in mind the '60s Standells. Next, we had to find the right recording studio, so we ended up building our own Standells Garage Studio, and I must say that in doing so it spawned our creativity. It took us one year to record this album; the band members poured their hearts and souls into it. "Bump" is the result of our combined efforts. We hope that after listening to the album, you'll be as excited about it as we are!

Larry Tamblyn


Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1. 7&7 Is
2. It's All About the Money
3. Boston's Badass
4. Help You Ann
5. Pushin' Too Hard
6. Big Fat Liar
7. Mr. One Percent
8. She's Just 18
9. And I Got It
10. Bump in the Night

CD $9.99

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The Standells - Bump


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